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Viva San Fermin! Gora San Fermin!
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Peña de Los Gatos promotes and celebrates the Fiesta de San Fermin
held each year in Pamplona, Spain.
Countdown to Fiesta 2012!

If you are traveling to Pamplona for Fiesta, please join us at Café Iruña in Plaza Castillo for patxaran and fellowship. Look for us wearing our Peña de Los Gatos shirts, Peña de Los Gatos pañuelos (scarfs), or our Peña de Los Gatos wrist bands.

Peña member and good friend John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway, was named "Guiri of the year" for 2011 by the folks at Kukuxumusu. Read the story here. Check out John's blog here.

Visit for complete San Fermin news and information.

Read Pamplona, Running the bulls, bars, and Barrios in Fiesta de San Fermin by our friend Ray Mouton. There is no better work on Fiesta. Much our content here is based on Ray's book.

Click here to read On the Sunny Side,
by Kelly Knowles


Nick Baggarly and Jonathan Knowles podcast from Sanfermines.
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Copyright 2010 Jonathan Knowles and Kelly Knowles
About the Fiesta

Held each year in Pamplona, Spain in July, San Fermin (the Spanish call it Sanfermines) is much more than the daily spectacle of the encierros or "the running of the bulls" early each morning and much more than the corrida de toros in the Plaza de Toros late each afternoon. We celebrate with singing and dancing in the plaza del Castillo (<- link to live web cam) into the night; we celebrate with family and friends.

About Peña de Los Gatos

The generous people of Iruña (Basque for Pamplona ) have opened their hearts to the people of the world, inviting us all to participate in what has often been described as one of the most exhilarating  experiences on planet earth.

Established in 2001, Peña de Los Gatos is one of several "foreign" Peñas, in other words, those located outside of Pamplona . The Peñas of Pamplona were originally formed as social clubs with the primary purpose of coming together for Sanfermines.

Some would say that there can really not be such a thing as a "foreign" peña. That the very notion is ridiculus. For us, our peña is all done in fun. If ever the statement, "to each their own" was true, it is durinf Fiesta.

All are welcome to join Peña de Los Gatos. While we are based in Los Gatos, California in the U.S.A., members reside all around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Barcelona and Pamplona Spain and throughout Eurpoe.

The are no fees, dues, or applications. If you wish to join our club or join us for Sanfermines 2010 or anytime, please contact us!

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