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Peña de Los Gatos promotes and celebrates the Fiesta de San Fermin
held each year in Pamplona, Spain.
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Peña Schedule

The first thing to know is that a schedule really is not the way to do Fiesta. We hesitate to even publish this page. The intent is to show that there are things going on for everyone throughout the day and night. You should go with the flow and do what you want when you want with whom you want. Below are some thoughts on things you may wish to drop in on as you flow through the days. We hope you will have many wonderful moments as you do so. There is always something going on during fiesta. In addition to the following, each day there are many special events such as the Txupinazo, Riau-riau, Procession, Pobre de Mi, and many cultural events such as traditional singing, dancing, and sports shows.

Dance through the streets with the popular Pamplonesa band--the official band of the city of Pamplona. The band starts in a new location each day and plays a variety of upbeat songs to wake the city for another day of Fiesta.

To find the Pamplonesa, look for the musicians in smart dark suits surrounded by crowds of revelers. Join the partygoers as they follow the band through old town, dancing and clapping to traditional songs of Fiesta.

Sip coffee at a cafe in Plaza Castillo. If you need more than the Pamplonesa to get started in the morning, fuel up at one of the cafes in Plaza Castillo and watch the many faces of Fiesta walk by.

The encierro! Watch the running of the bulls from wherever you can find a good viewpoint. Or run if you so choose. For 4.50 euros you can watch the bulls and the runners sprint into the Plaza de Toros. After the bulls are in the corral, you can take on the brave young cows (these ARE NOT bulls) in the ring--or watch from the safety of the stands.

Enjoy churros and hot chocolate at Cafeteria Belagua on Estafeta street or Manueta on Manueta street. You can watch the churros being made at Manueta or just enjoy eating them at Cafeteria Belagua. These are the best churros and chocolate in town.

9:00 - 13:00
Look for the parade of the Gigantes (The Comparsa - giants that spin and dance) and Kilikis and Zaldikos (folk characters that tease the children) in the streets of old town. The San Fermin Web site ( posts a schedule to help you find the parade of giants, but you can't miss them when they're nearby..

13:00 - 18:30
Eat lunch, watch the demonstration of Basque sports. Try pintxos (Basque tapas) at various cafes. You might see locals eating at long tables outside restaurants and shops around town. Many of these are "overflow" tables for restaurants that are filled to capacity during Fiesta. Eating at one of these restaurants is a great way to meet people and try traditional dishes, but you'll need to make reservations in advance. Another option, have lunch at a traditional Basque Sidreria..

The Corrida. Not all members are aficonados. Decide for yourself. Bring bocadillos.

Drink patxaran (a sweet Basque liquer) or cerveza at Cafe Iruna on Plaza Castillo. Cafe Iruna is a great place to meet friends, watch the bands march by, and get ready to dance Basque style..

Dance to Basque music in the center of Plaza Castillo. Wear comfortable shoes and dance traditional Basque dances. Don't know how? No problem. Locals and quick-learning guiris (tourists) will give you pointers. It's easy and a lot of fun..

Run with the Toro del Fuego--the Bull of Fire! Each night the Bull of Fire (a mock bull with sparklers and pinwheel fireworks) chases laughing children through the streets..

Watch an amazing fireworks display in the park by the historic walls in old town (Parque de la Ciudad). The backdrop is fabulous. Buy bocadillos to snack on..

Drink patxaran at Cafe Iruna on Plaza Castillo and relax.
Listen to live music in the squares. Dance in the nightclubs, chat with friends. Go with the flow.


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